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En-route To Egypt                                         Aug. 30, 2006. Amsterdam, Holland.


 Well, it’s been a hectic and challenging week for everyone involved in preparations for this African adventure. Many thanks to the hard working staff of Algonquin college who saw us off in style with their support, good wishes and some goodies we’ll need.

 Khairoon , our Algonquin script writing major, journalism graduate and team-mate, not only had to prepare and pack for her 20 week expedition but also had to move her apartment contents prior to sharing oh so many bittersweet tears of departure with her many Algonquin friends.

Ben  and Shaunna  were all over complicated trip logistics, equipment gathering  and clearance of our twin Silverado’s shipped by container ship to the Egyptian port of Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast.

The countless details of putting together an expedition of this scale can be staggering with timelines growing ever shorter. Ben takes it all in stride with the quiet confidence of a man who has done it all so many times before. (See “profiles”).

For myself; the peak of my stressful little mountain of pre-departure preparations as communications technician came with the goodbye hugs shared with my two young children, Dana and Daniel.

Presently in the midst of a ten hour layover in Amsterdam, we are soon en-route to Cairo, Egypt where we will begin this in-depth cultural exploration. It will surely open my eyes much wider to the human condition of East Africa. The countless challenges, the triumphs, the cruelty, the kindness, the hunger, the brave perseverance in the face of the aids epidemic that has orphaned more than 12 million children will be among many of the teams stories on this long road of discovery but so too will the history, the geography, the technology and the arts. Khairoon will also be sharing with us a personal story of reunion with her family in Tanzania.

Through virtual osmosis and the leading edge technology of Algonquin College and Canadian Adventure Productions, I hope to adequately share my eyes with you while keeping you up to date on the team’s progress and some of their observations.

It’s sure to be quite a ride!

Stay cool, stay well and stay tuned.

 More from Cairo.

 Mike Swarbrick.

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